Lumorail Logan Handrail – Mount Dandenong

LOGAN RANGE / 316 Satin Stainless Steel 50mm Diam / Kelvins 3000k / Rail with compound radiuses, helices and twists.

Light the way atop Mount Dandenong

One of the only down sides to living atop beautiful Mount Dandenong in Victoria, is the incredibly steep driveways.

Alongside a driveway nearly impossible to scale, the owners of this beautiful mansion built a set of stairs by utilising the existing large rocks and adding local stone. With no overhead lighting and a staircase over shadowed by beautiful natural fauna, the best option for lighting was to incorporate it into the handrail.

Given the continuous twisting and changing, the challenge was not only to bring lighting to the darkened area, but to follow the natural flow of the staircase. Lumorail LED Handrails was able to offer a solution using a rail with compound radiuses, helices and twists. Using our Logan range of LED light pucks, we were able to add sufficient lighting and create a safe passage.

Works atop Mount Dandenong

The hardest part of this job was calculating all the compound radiuses for the LED Handrails sections. Once the posts were core drilled into the natural stone we were able to calculate the rails and manufacture on site.

Getting power to the rail was done by feeding the wiring through the garden bed, under the slab, up through the bottom posts and into the rail.

Positioning our Logan light pucks every meter or so, gave more than enough lighting to make a well-lit environment. Using our IDA approved 3000k lighting also assured a minimum impact on the environment, protecting wildlife and fauna.

Posted: September 26, 2015

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