Lumorail’s Bright Future for LED Handrails

Although used in the home, the workplace and an endless list of outdoor locations, the humble handrail is heading for a face lift.

Stylish Safety that’s Eco-Friendly

The function of the handrail faces a whole new added dynamic with safety at the heart of the change, says Garry Hannah owner and creator of the Lumorail range.

Mr Hannah said his business specialises in projects that already require handrails, but need that added touch of flair, sophistication or need to address added safety.

“After a few years of working with this product range it’s proven to be increasingly popular, with huge interest from both the domestic and commercial building industries as well as council and government departments. We have realised that this shift may indicate the next common place standard for lighting around stairs, bridges, balustrades and pathways”

For some time lighting has been fitted low in the walls of stairwells, this often shines directly into your face as you approach the stairs. Being built directly into the underside of the handrail, Lumorail removes lighting from the direct line of site, and brings it back down to floor level where it’s needed. Also a huge win for the vision impaired. This also means less light is needed, and with a full range of low voltage lighting this has a huge reduction on power usage.

With the demand for homes to be more energy-efficient, Lumorails LED handrails are often fitted with timers, so lighting is not running when it’s not needed.

Lumorail also has a full range of handrail profiles in stainless steel and aluminium with sensors, timers, and a broad range from simple switches right through to colour changing remote controls, home automation and even a phone app.

“We work very closely with many architects and building designers to ensure our lighting meets the current building standards, and the clients requirements, while keeping power consumption to a minimum.” Mr Hannah said.

As for safety, I can’t walk the streets without seeing another dark staircase or badly lit bridge, and thinking “Someone’s daughter has to walk down there, If only they had Lumorail”.

A few things to think about

  • Lumorail can be incorporated into any handrail application, including stairwells, balcony balustrading, safety rails, and even disability rails.
  • Keep your family safe with unobtrusive night lighting, while adding the ‘WOW’ factor.
  • There are 3 styles of lighting, all available in a full range of whites and colour changing RGB.
  • With almost 40 profiles of LED lit handrails, Lumorail has the largest range in the country.
  • With an in-house installation team, Lumorail also offers a large range of glass balustrading products, so you can turn to Lumorail for a complete balustrading package.
  • Some of the Lumorail range can be retrofitted into your existing handrails.
  • Solar power is also an available option for remote locations.  (Logan Range Only)
Posted: May 3, 2015

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