Lumorail Forrest Handrail – Safety Beach

FORREST RANGE / 316 Polished Stainless Steel 42mm Diam / Kelvins 4000k / Transition from glass panels to a plaster wall

Lumorail brings a new look to a new home

With the ever increasing value of homes on the Mornington Peninsula, it makes sense to add items that bring a high end feel to any project. With this new home at Safety Beach, Lumorail were invited to supply glass balustrading to the staircase. Even with the walls of the upper level coming part way down the stairs, the open look was retained with the use of stand-off patch fittings and glass.

Once the client was aware of the vast Lumorail range, the Forrest Handrail became the product of choice. With a continuous rail to one side, and to the other side a handrail that finishes under the ceiling line.

The Works

The issue with this installation was a common issue when installing an offset rail. As with most stair cases in this application, the treads have been finished in line with the plaster wall above. Using 25mm deep stand-off patch fittings on the ends of the treads positions the 12mm thick glass 25mm under the ceiling and out of alignment with the wall above. By simply extending the handrail mounting brackets on the glass by 25mm, we were able to continue the handrail along the wall while maintaining a straight line. If you are looking for bracelet. There’s something to suit every look, from body-hugging to structured, from cuffs to chain and cuffs.

In the case of the Forrest Range, we are not able to use our patented hollow brackets for wiring. In this particular application we were able to feed our wiring up through a post at the bottom of the stairs, which then continued as the handrail.

Posted: August 29, 2016

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